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8 Easy to Use Video Editing Software

We are living in age of YouTube and with its popularity there are more and more people are in search for an easy to use video editing software that can give an awesome touch to their videos. And Also, it will be great, if using the software is easy.

Here i am mentioning some Top Easy Video Editing Software, I think are best in market at the moment. You might want to try out the following easy video editing software, which enable you to edit videos, add effects, trim and mix audio files etc., and thereby giving a professional look to your video file.


Easy to Use Video Editing Software Reviews

There are so many entrepreneurs are using videos to promote their products and we all have seen the real life example where companies get known in market by just posting their product videos on YouTube. Let us find out the easy video editors and learn about their pick advantages in this review section.

AVS video editor

It is a free utility for video editing that supports various types of video formats. You can choose from 300 different video effects and picture-in-picture. Time line feed and the script, allows precise editing. Allows you to edit video directly from HD cameras, supports all key formats.

The AVS video editor is one of the easier software to operate. This easy to use video editor can do decent job in deep video editing. You can even burn DVD’s and CD’s using this software. It also lets you add audio to your video and mix or cut audio files.


Explaindio Video Creator

Explaindio Video Creator is one of the most popular video editing software after 2015. It is renowned for creating profession and eye-catchy videos without any hassle. The smart technology of the software will create hundreds of unique promotional videos with some simple click.

The software contains different theme packs and stock images to create 2d animation for the marketer. You can create advertising videos using these themes. You just have to create and idea and the software will deliver the video instantly.

Explaindio Video Creator is very easy to install. You do not have to be a skillful professional video editor to use this software. It is one of the easy to use video editing software available in the market.

The easy to understand editing panel and packs of themes will make it very easy to create videos. You can see the Explaindio review from video editing review website for more information.

Video dub

This software gives you the freedom to edit videos are in AVI, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. It is a freeware video editing where you can delete unwanted video clips without re-encoding, i.e. the original video quality is unchanged. It supports many video formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPG, DivX and Xvid.

Videopad video editor software

Video Pad is a professional software video editing where you can create film projects from the collections of video clips. This software includes effects such as cultivation and transition, giving a professional video file. It supports multiple types of formats including 3gp, Wmv, DivX and many more.

It is designed to create effective videos with ease. You can create videos without any hassle with this excellent video editing software.

Windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free application that comes with the Windows operating system. Using this application, you can create your own movie, by downloading the video file from the camcorder and mix it with the existing audio and video files.


Window movie maker is an easy to use video editing software. You can use this software for basic level of editing. It is a good software for the beginners, who do not want to spend much for video editing.

 After creating the movie, you can share the file with your family and friends directly through moviemaker via an e-mail or post it onto a website.

Video thang

VideoThang is a really cool software to edit videos. It supports various formats, enabling you to edit videos in any common formats like Wmv, Avi, Mpg etc.  This easy to video editing software will help you by editing different video clips very easily.

It enables you to create photo slideshows with fade-in and fade-out effects. Editing controls of VideoThang are easy, just drag and drop the video and cut, trim and build the video, it is that easy.

Mpeg Streamclip

This software is a professional video editor. It serves as both, a media player as well as editor. It supports various formats including QuickTime, DV, MPEG-4, MPEG-1 MPEG-2 or VOB files. It provides high quality videos and can export all the above formats into one another in a HD quality video.

You can select the frame size of the video and even insert audio files and convert them into various other formats. It has the ability to handle files of up to 4GB. This software gives you the ability to preview the files before conversion. Separate versions of both windows pc and Mac MPEG Streamclip software are available.


Jahshaka is a free professional video, audio editing software. It can feed real-time image processing and edit DV, SD, HD and you can do 3D composing and flash animation using this software.

It features color correction, tracking and media support. It comes with JahPlayer, which works with all kinds of formats. There are different versions available for Windows and Macintosh systems

These eight easy to use video editing software are good for basic level of video editing. Some of these tools, like Avid and Explaindio can do a better level of editing. You can use free tools like windows movie maker for one-time usage. These video editing software are easy to learn. Newbies can use these tools without any proper knowledge in video editing.

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