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8 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Feet

A lot of people pay attention to every part of their body except the feet. The foot is so easy to forget, but it’s very easy to maintain, and it’s easy to know if one takes proper care of their feet or not. When your feet has tears and cracks or probably smells, you should know you’ve done a bad job.

feetThese eight tips would show you how to take care of your feet.

  1. Always wash your feet with soap and wash in-between your toes when bathing. It’s so easy for that part to retain dirt and smell.
  2. If you wear socks, always make sure you wear a clean pair and change it daily.
    Apply moisturizing lotion regularly if you have dry feet. But do not apply lots of lotion in-between your feet to avoid fungal infection.
  3. If you don’t bath at night, make sure you at least wash your feet to keep it clean and free from dirt.
  4. Air your shoes regularly so they have a fresh smell and bacteria wouldn’t build up in them.
  5. Try not to have the same shoes on for consecutive days, it could make your feet begin to smell.
  6. If you can afford it, pedicure would also help maintain a decent and hygienic feet. Who says pedicure is only for women?
  7. You can use hand sanitizer on your feet to prevent fungal infection.

If you want good feet, you should be ready to take care of it.


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