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A comprehensive surviving on application and diversity of biofilms in seafood

Zeinab Noorihashemabad, Seyed Mehdi Ojagh, Alireza Alishahi

Department of Fisheries Science University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Gorgan, Iran

Key words: Biopolymer, Biofilm, shelflife, seafood, coating.


Sea-foodSpoilage of seafood products especial fish happens by chemical and sensory quality changes. Biochemical reactions for example lipids oxidation, reactions due to activities of the fish’s own enzymes, and the metabolic activities of microorganisms due to deterioration of food. These activities cause to a short shelf life in fish and other seafood products. Biofilm defined a thin continuous layer of polymers on food surfaces which protect food products against the many factors/located on food surfaceand makes them more difficult to decline. Edible coatings can improve the quality of fresh, frozen, and processed seafood products. This paper reviews the application of various types of biopolymer films for example lipid, polysaccharide and protein-based edible coatings, and enriched edible film with natural extract in seafood products.

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