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Allelopathic effect of Arta (Calligonum Comosum L, Her) extract on seed germination of arfaj (Rhanterium epapposum Oliv)

Modhi Al-Otaibi

Department of Biology, College of Science, Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Key words: Allelopathic Effect , Calligonumcomosum , Rhanteriumepapposum.


dzbb0141This study was conducted to estimate the effects of different concentrations (2.5, 7.5, and 12.5 g/l) of Calligonum comosum (leaves, stem and roots) extracts on the seed of Rhanterium epapposum. Germination parameters (e.g., percentage of germination, germination starting, coefficient of velocity were evaluated. Results showed that the stem and leaves extracts, have negative and significant effects on Rhanterium epapposum seeds’ growth. Highly positive effect was observed for the application of the root extract on the seeds. The significant allelopathic effect remained up to 21 days. Coefficient of velocity decreased with the allelochemicals extracted from the stem and leaves. Based on the study results, stem and leaves residues of Calligonum Comosum should be eliminated from the field to avoid negative allelopathic effects of Calligonum comosum on Rhanterium epapposum growth.

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