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Amino chelate with micronutrients and calcium had effect on date fruits characteristics

Abdalhossein Aboutalebi Jahromi, Bahram Naseri

Department of Horticulture, Jahrom Branch, Islamic Azad University, Jahrom, Iran

Key words: Date fruit, fruit weight, TSS, fruit length.


F2016060814153700067301093This study was conducted in order to evaluate the effects of amino chelates on quantitative and qualitative properties of ‘Kabkab’ date fruit in ‘Dashtestan’ city, Boushehr province in the year 2012. The experiment was performed as factorial arrangement in randomized complete block design with three replications. The first factor was amino chelate type including: control, calcium amino chelate, micro-nutrient amino chelate and calcium + micro-nutrient amino chelates and the second factor was two application times including: ‘Khalal’ stage, one week later than the first application. Twenty four ‘Kabkab’ date palms were selected and all horticultural operations were equally done on them. After operating the treatments, was sampled in ‘Tamar’ stage and the characteristics including fruit weight, fruit length, fruit diameter, stone weight, stone length, TSS and pH were measured. Results indicated that amino chelates had significant influence on fruit weight, fruit length, stone weight, TSS. Application time affects some properties such as fruit weight, TSS and pH. Calcium amino chelate significantly increased fruit weight, fruit length and TSS. The highest TSS was observed in calcium amino chelate treatment. The greatest and lowest stone weight obtained in calcium amino chelate and control treatments respectively. Calcium and micro-nutrient amino chelates had the highest fruit weight and the lowest fruit weight was relative to control treatment. Generally, amino chelates had significant and positive influence on most fruit quantitative and qualitative properties.

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