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Analysis of genetic variability and differentionin of stellate sturgeon, Acipenser stellatus (Pallas, 1771), in the North (Volga and Ural Rivers) and South Caspian Sea (estuary of Sefidrud) – (IJB)

Mehrnoush Norouzi, Mohammad Pourkazemi

Department of Marine Biology and Fisheries Sciences, Tonekabon Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon, Iran

Iranian Fishery Research Organization, Tehran, Iran

Key words: Microsatellite, Genetic variability, genetic differentiation, Acipenser stellatus


In total, 140 samples of adult stellate sturgeon Acipenser stellatus were collected at three sites Northern (Volga and Ural Rivers) and Southern Caspian Sea (estuary of Sefidrud- Iran). Fifteen sets of microsatellite primers were tested on genomic DNA. Ten primer sets revealing polymorphic loci were used to analyze the genetic variation found in adults of the stellate sturgeon populations. The analyses revealed that the average of alleles per locus was 14.33 and all the sampled regions contained private alleles. The observed and expected heterozygosity averaged 0.677 and 0.871, respectively. Average of Fis and Fit were 0.225 and 0.250 respectively. Fst, Rst and gene flow estimates in AMOVA indicated significant genetic differentiation among regions, indicating that the populations were divergent. The genetic distance between populations indicating that the genetic difference among populations is pronounced. These results together with highly significant Rst of genotypic differences between these pairs of collections support the existence of different genetic populations along the Caspian Sea coasts.

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