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Assessment of environmental flow using morphological characteristics of river (case study: Karoon River, Iran)

Mehdi Fuladipanah, Elham Sangi

Young Researchers and Elite Club, Ramhormoz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ramhormoz, Iran

Key words: Environmental Flow, Morphological Characteristic, Karoon River.


Chaharmahal_Bakhtiari_Bazoft_RiverThe relationship between wetted perimeter and discharge is sometimes used as an expedient technique for determining the minimum flow allowable for environmental purposes. The critical minimum discharge is supposed to correspond to the point where there is a break in the shape of the curve (usually a logarithmic or power function). Below this discharge, wetted perimeter declines rapidly. The appearance of a break in the shape of the curve is strongly dependent on the relative scaling of the axes of the graph. This subjectivity can be overcome by defining the break in shape using mathematical techniques. The important break in the shape of the curve can be systematically defined by the point where the slope equals 1, or where the curvature is maximized. These two methods were applied to Karoon River, Iran. Seven cross section were selected. Their survey data were used to derivate relationship between wetted perimeter and discharge. After determining breakpoints on the curves, corresponding value of discharge was calculated from the curves. Analysis of results showed that the slope method has reasonable and accurate output. Finally, the amount of environmental flow for Karoon river was calculated as 209.4 cms.

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