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CaptureInternational Network for Natural Sciences is a peer-reviewed scientific journal Network, dedicated to the dissemination of new knowledge and information on Natural sciences. The Journal is published monthly, allowing for frequent dissemination of its leading content.

The general instructions apply to all journals published by the International Network for Natural Sciences. Before you submit a manuscript for publication, please be sure to read and follow them. Also, please visit our Author ‘Tutorial page’ where you will find various helpful information and tools relevant to paper writing and publishing in reputed journals site. Submission of a manuscript to INNSPUB journals implies that, author(s) understand and accept the policies of the journal and have complied with the author Instructions. Authors of all types of articles should be aware of the following guidelines when submitting to INNSPUB journals. All material to be considered for publication in INNSPUB should be submitted in electronic form via submission gateway, the journal’s online submission site.

Instructions for Authors are described by different journals name/title

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