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Mode of inheritance of promiscuous nodulation and combining abilities in soybean genotypes – IJAAR

Eric E. Agoyi, Khalid E. Mohammed, Thomas L. Odong, John B. Tumuhairwe, Godfree Chigeza, Phinehas Tukamuhabwa Department of Agricultural Production, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Avondale, Lusaka, Zambia Key words: Promiscuous, Diallel, Nodules, Combining ability, Heritability. Abstract Knowledge of the mode of inheritance of a trait can be a powerful decision-making […]

Assessment of fungal diseases on corn under various farming cultural practices – IJAAR

Rico A. Marin, Mellprie B. Marin Department of Forest Resources Management Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines Department of Plant Pathology Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines Key words: Biofertilizer, Disease severity, Farming practices, Corn. Abstract A study was conducted to assess the fungal diseases of corn under various management practices. The study was laid […]

Spatial prediction of soil phosphorous using soil electrical conductivity as secondary information – JBES

Nikou Hamzehpour Sara Mola Ali Abasiyan Department of Soil Science, Maragheh University, Iran Key words: Soil phosphorus, Soil electrical conductivity, Spatial prediction, Kriging, Co-kriging. Abstract Soil phosphorus (P) plays an important role in soil fertility and availability of micronutrients in soil, especially in arid and semiarid regions. Therefore, monitoring soil P condition is of great […]

Influence of different fertilizer rates on the growth and yield of transplanted aman rice genotypes – IJAAR

A. Ahmed, M. A. Kabir, M. M. Rashid, M. S. Islam, P. S. Saha BRAC Agricultural Research and Development centre, Gazipur, Bangladesh Agriculture and Food Security Programme, BRAC, Dhaka, Bangladesh Key words: Fertilizer rates, Genotype, Transplanted aman rice, Yield, Gross return. Abstract The field experiment was conducted at the BRAC Agricultural Research and Development Centre, […]

Enzymes activity and content of antioxidants in leaves of halophytes from saline soils of Kumisi lake – IJAAR

Chkhubianishvili Eva, Badridze Gulnara, Kacharava Nani, Rapava Luara, Kikvidze Medea, Chanishvili Shota, Chigladze Lali Department of plant physiology, Institute of Botany, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia Key words: antioxidant enzymes, low molecular antioxidants, halophytes. Abstract The purpose of the given study was to investigate characteristics of antioxidant system and other biochemical indices of some salt […]

Intercropping of maize and climbing bean: fodder yield, quality and nutrient composition of silages – IJAAR

Maw Ni Soe Htet, Rab Nawaz Soomro, Hai Jiang bo College of Agronomy, Northwest A & F University, Yangling Shaanxi, P.R China College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest A & F University, Yangling Shaanxi, P.R. China Key words: Intercropping, Maize, Climbing bean, Fodder, Silage quality. Abstract A study was conducted to examine fodder yield […]

Impact of nitrogen fertilizer from organic and conventional sources on seed yield of Niger (Guizotia abyssinica Cass.) – IJAAR

Monaswita Talukdar, P B S Bhadoria, Subhash Chandra Mahapatra Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, IIT Kharagpur, India Rural Development Centre, IIT Kharagpur, India Key words: Niger, organic sources, Vermicompost, Bonemeal, Minor oil seed crop, Oilcake. Abstract Niger (Guizotia abyssinica Cass.), a minor oil seed crop cultivated on marginal and sub marginal lands under poor or […]

Effect of different intercropping patterns and fertilizers on some growth characteristics of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) – IJAAR

Rouhollah Amini*, Shafighe Sakhavi, Mohammad Reza Shakiba, Adel Dabbag Mohammadi-Nassab Department of Plant Ecophysiology, University of Tabriz, Iran Key words: Intercropping, Organic fertilizer, Azotobarvar, Barvar 2, Vermicompost. Abstract In order to evaluate the effect of different intercropping patterns and fertilizers on some growth characteristics and biomass of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) an experiment was […]

Valorization of shea caterpillar droppings (Cirina butyrospermi Vuillet) in the ecological management of soil fertility in Burkina Faso – IJAAR

Coulibaly K, Gomgnimbou APK, Bacye B, Nacro HB, Sedogo MP Laboratoire d’étude et de recherche sur la fertilité du sol (LERF), Université Polytechnique de Bobo-Dioulasso (UPB) Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso Laboratoire Sol Eau Plante, Institut de l’Environnement et de Recherche Agricole (INERA), Bobo- Dioulasso, Burkina Faso Laboratoire Sol-Eau-Plante, Institut de l’Environnement et de Recherche Agricole (INERA), […]

Coffee parchment and NPK 15 15 15 effect on cultivation association of coffee (Coffea Arabica L.) and peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) southeast of Gabon – IJAAR

Maurice Ognalaga, Yannick Stevalain Lissambou, Nelly Sandrine Ada Menié, Alain Souza Agrobiology Research Unit, University of Sciences and Technology, Franceville, Gabon Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China Key words: Parchment, Coffee tree, Peanut, Fertilization, Crop association. Abstract The production of coke through monocropping is a major concern for Gabonese farmers. A test was conducted with a […]