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The flame temperature effect on the reduction of environmental pollutants in a thermal power plant – JBES

Amir Hossein Amini, Majid Riahi Samani Department of Mechanical Engineering, Islamic Azad University ,Khomeini Shahr Branch, Isfahan, Iran Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Khomeini Shahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khomeini Shahr, Isfahan, Iran Key words: Power plant, air pollution, air temperature, pollution reduction, NOX. Abstract Due to the increasing development of thermal power plants […]

Population structure and threats to sustainable management of woody plant species in a Semi-Arid Agro-Ecosystem in Nigeria – JBES

T.H. Dauda, S.O. Jimoh, I.O. Azeez Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Federal University of Dutsin-Ma, Nigeria Department of Forest Resources Management, University of Ibadan, Nigeria Key words: Woody species, Population, Agro-ecosytems, Threats, Sustainability. Abstract This study was conducted to assess population structure and threat to the sustainable management of woody species in the various […]

Comparative diversity and composition of small non-volant mammals in areas found on Soccsksargen Region, Philippines – JBES

Mary Celman P. Guaza, Kristine Mae L. Yap,Sunshine Gay T. Singson, Shahida P. Nor, Relaine L. Amado1,Mark Anthony J. Torres, Maria Luisa Non-Cabrera,Elani A. Requieron Science Department, Mindanao State University, General Santos, Philippines Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science and Mathematics, Mindanao State University, Iligan, Philippines Key words: Rodents, Morphological Attributes, Data Analysis, Biodiversity, […]

Effects of crude oil pollution in the tropical rainforest biodiversity of Ecuadorian Amazon Region – JBES

Bautista Hugo, Rahman K.M. Mijanur Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, Russian Federation Department of Bioecology, Hygiene and Public Health, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, Russian Federation Key words: Oil, Pollution, Amazon region, Biodiversity, Ecuador. Abstract The interconnectivity among the aquatic ecosystems of Ecuadorian Amazon makes them highly sensitive to broad […]

Essential oil variation within and between Stachys inflata Benth. and Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl. populations from Iran – JBES

Seyed Mehdi Shahgolzari, Afagh Yavari Department of Biology, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran Key words: Essential oils, GC–MS, Stachys inflata, Stachys lavandulifolia. Abstract Although several species of Stachys possess characteristic essential oils, only a few published studies have described within and between populations of their volatile constituents. The aim of the present study was to […]

Diversity and special assessment of soft bottom intertidal mollusks in sea grass beds of Benoni, Glan, Sarangani Province, Philippines – JBES

Francis Carl B. Herceda, Praise Jee J. Bien, Jason Vann A. Palomo, Joelyn D. Mamon, Vincent Paul L. Mantoya, Maria Luisa N. Cabrera, Elani A. Requieron Departmentof Science, Mindanao State University, Philippines Department of Biological Sciences, Mindanao State University, Philippines Key words: Mollusks, Gastropods, Intertidal, Soft bottom, Sea grass. Abstract Gastropods are very diverse species […]

Morphological variations of green mussel (Perna viridis) in Bula, General Santos city using geometric morphometric analysis – JBES

Crystal Gayle B. Villaluz, Jorome C. Tolete, Frenzy B. Almocera, Merhama J. Janti, Trixie Joy E. Pilar, Mark Anthony J. Torres, Elani A. Requieron Department of Science, Mindanao State University, Philippines Key words: Perna viridis, Geometric-morphometric analysis, Morphological variations. Abstract The Philippines, being a tropical country in the Pacific, has long been culturing mussels for […]

Naphthalene induced Biochemical changes in Anabas testudineus – JBES

L.Patnaik, D. Raut, D. Panda, S. Nayak Department of Zoology, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha, India Key words: Acetylcholine esterase, Aggregation of blood cells, Protein, ATP, Experimental and Control set. Abstract Pollution of aquatic ecosystems can be ascertained through the organisms residing in it. Biochemical changes in fish reflect the type of degradation occurring in living […]

Assessment of canal sediments for agricultural uses – JBES

Sana Akhtar, Sara Abid, Almas Hamid, Sajid Rashid Ahmad Department of Environmental Sciences, Kinnaird College for Women, 93- Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Quaid-e-Azam Campus,University of the Punjab, Pakistan Key words: Canal, Sediments, Agriculture, Heavy metals, Total coliform. Abstract The study was conducted to analyze the extent of heavy metals […]

Consequences of habitat loss and habitat fragmentation on the survival of monitor lizard populations in Bangladesh: a review and prospectus – JBES

Rahman K.M. Mijanur, Rakhimov Ilgizar Iliazovic Department of Bioecology, Hygiene and Public Health, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, Russian Federation Key words: Habitat loss, Habitat fragmentation, Impact, Monitor Lizard. Abstract The ecosystems of Bangladesh support three different monitor lizard’s species (Varanus bengalensis, V. flavescens and V. salvator). But, these huge populations are in great threats […]