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Comparative study of endo-parasites in captive mouflon sheep (Ovis aries) at Lahore district, Pakistan – (JBES)

Muhammad Arshad Rana, Imran Ahmad, Farhat Jabeen, Aasma Naureen, Kishwar Sultana, Amin Arif, Munaza Shabnam

Department of Zoology, Government Postgraduate College Okara, Pakistan

Department of Zoology, Wildlife and Fisheries GC UniversityFaisalabad, Pakistan

Department of Zoology, Wildlife & Fisheries UAF, Pakistan

Key words: Prevalence, Endo-parasites, Captive, Mouflon sheep, Intensity.


This project was designed to study the prevalence of endo-parasites in Mouflon sheep (Ovis aries) kept at Jallo Wildlife Park, Lahore Zoo and Lahore Safari Park, Punjab, Pakistan. Fresh faecal samples were collected and analyzed for the identification of endo-parasites. Fecal egg count and identification of each animal was determined by Modified Mc Master Technique. It was determined that male and female Mouflon sheep (O.aries) of Lahore Zoo (46.40%) were most susceptible to gastro-intestinal helminthiasis followed by Jallo Wildlife Park (33.98%) and Lahore Safari Park (19.62%).The infestation of twelve different endo-parasites were determined at three different captive localities. Prevalence of O.columbianum (49.75%) was maximum in Mouflon sheep (O.aries). The intensity of eggs of different endo-parasites in various Mouflon sheep (O.aries) samples ranged from 90 to 1750 egg per gram in three different localities. It was concluded that high prevalence of endo-parasites was determined from the current study indicating life threats and economical loss of natural number of wild fauna in Pakistan.

Get the original articles in Source: Volume 6, Number 6, June 2015 – JBES

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