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Contribution to the study of coastal floristry biodiversity in Oran

Haddad Fatma Zohra, Frih Faiza, Noureddine Benaissa, Zitouni Boutiba, Ionela Dobrin

Department of Biology, University of Oran, Laboratory Network for Environmental Monitoring (LRSE), Oran, Algeria

Department of Plant Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania

Key words: Oran coast, Biodiversity, Vegetation, coastal flora, Marsat-El Hadjaj.


Vegetation_and_the_atmosphere_interacting-lbAccording to Eurostat report data (EU Statistical Office) the enormous impact of tourism on ecosystems would be one of the most important causes of biodiversity degradation in the Mediterranean countries. The Red List of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) records today some 16120 endangered species in the world. In this context we conducted this study of the coastal dunes vegetation in Oran, a subject whose work remain incomplete, and in the order to validate the presence of plant species threatened, vulnerable or likely to be so designated. A sampling was conducted during the year 2014 .All samples were identified using several reference books, including the new flora of Algeria of Santa and Quezel (1962-1963). Based on 25 surveys conducted in the study area, 90 species have been recorded, belonging to 16 families whith species that deserve protection as Cakile maritima and Ephedra distachya.

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