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Current status of mango pre and post-harvest diseases with respect to environmental factors – IJAAR

Amna Malik, ShaziaIram, AnamRasoo

Department of Environmental Sciences, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Key words: Pre and post-harvest diseases, Fungal isolation, Disease severity, Disease prevalence, Disease incidence.


Mango is an important fruit hence plays an important role in the economy of Pakistan via export. Mango can suffer from serious losses by mango pre and post-harvest diseases. Environmental factors i.e. temperature, rainfall, and humidity have serious effect on the onset of these diseases. Mango pre harvest diseases included mango malformation, blossom blight, anthracnose and twig blight. Mongo post-harvest diseases include anthracnose, stem end rot, Aspergillus rot and Alternaria rot. A survey has been conducted in 37 orchards i.e. Muzafargarh (15), Multan (12) and Khaniwal (10) for the assessment of mango pre- harvest diseases by using severity scale of 1-5. Post-harvest disease assessment was done on collected mango fruits of respective study areas. Objective of the present study is to assess prevalence, incidence and severity of pre and post-harvest mango diseases with respect to prevalent environmental conditions in study area. Samples for pre and post-harvest diseases were collected from three study sites for the sake of causal fungal isolation. All pre and post-harvest diseases were present in all three study areas. Pre harvest disease incidence was lied in the range of 0-100%, 80- 100%, 40-100%, 0-100% for blossom blight, anthracnose, mango malformation and twig blight respectively. Mango post-harvest disease incidence was found in range of 40-90%, 16-86.6%, 16-76.6% and 3.33-53.3% for anthracnose, stem end rot, Alternaria rot and Aspergillus rot respectively.

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Journal Name: International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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