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Detection and modeling of seismic sources in a wide range of operational stations of oil-rich regions adjacent to the residential zones of Ahvaz Metropolitan using erdas imagine sofware

Mohammad Soleymani, Mehdi Mahdavi Adeli

Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Shouhstar Branch, Shoushtar, Iran

Key words: Component, Modeling, Seismic sources, Oil-rich areas, Edras imagine, Earthquake.


20-of-the-most-terrifying-earthquakes-to-shake-mother-earth-10-710x434One of the main factors always considered by engineers, designers and utilizes is to study the performance of structures against natural disasters, especially earthquake. To fulfill this objective, the first step is to realize maximum probability risk that threatens the structure. In this regard, the most fundamental stage is to identify seismic sources and their exact location concerning the studied site and recognition of their magnitude and size. The more precise and comprehensive is this recognition; the risk analysis and susceptibility of the studied structure will be more complete and precise. On the other hand, traditional and manual methods have deficiencies and disadvantages including the errors due to human mistakes and measuring devices. To this end, concerning the sensitivity of the oil-rich areas and existing structures in this area, in this study, it is tried to model the seismic sources in area of 200 km from operational oil-rich stations surrounding residential areas of Ahvaz metropolitan city using Edras Imagine and explain the results.

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