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Determine water use efficiency to select the appropriate crop (Case study: Jirof region)

Parviz Haghighat Jou, Rasoul Asadi, Mohammad Reza Mohammadrezakhani

Water Engineering Department, Faculty of Soil and Water, University of Zabol, Iran

Member of Young Researchers and Elite Club, Islamic Azad University, Kerman Branch, Kerman, Iran

Department of Agriculture, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran

Key words: Water Use Efficiency, Water Economic Efficiency, Appropriate Crops, Drip Irrigation.


stock-rice-paddy-farmer-1550x804-1024x531In order to select appropriate crops for cultivation of potatoes, wheat, sugar beet and maize in Jiroft region, this research was conducted in years 2009 and 2010. The research methodology in this study was based on field studies, including the estimated volume of water, crop yield, water use efficiency, net benefit per drop and the water economic efficiency of the production. The results showed that maximum water use efficiency was in sugar beet cultivation (5.2 kg/m3) and the minimum was in wheat (0.49 kg/m3). Potatoes had the highest net benefit per drop (53 Milion-Rial) and wheat had the lowest net benefit per drop (10 Milion-Rial). Water economic efficiency of potato than in all of the four fields were examined further. Indicating more profitable than other crops in potato fields is investigated. Therefore according to the results of this study in terms of water use efficiency, net benefit per drop and water economic efficiency can be said the cultivation of potato products is preferred and is recommended for planners and operators.

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