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Determining frequency of ionic, type, faciesand water contaminants of Karoon river

Zahra Jafari Naeini, Ebrahim Panahpour

Department of Soil Science, Collage of Agriculture, Ahvaz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran

Key words: Water type, Ionic frequency, Karoon River.


Karoon River;The changes in river ecosystem and fading away the species of organisms lead to risk of dearth of high quality water resources and to harmful impacts resulting from using contaminant waters on human beings. In order that the changes in solutes and qualitative parameters of these valuable resources to be studied properly, there should be a careful reflection on the managing approach and qualitative and quantitative monitoring. Identification of both water type and facies and alertness of presence of the dominated ions help how to exploit these recourses. The Karoon River is the longest and largest water-flow in Iran, which in its flowing course crosses the Khuzestan province. For purposes of this study, 3 hydrometery stations of which were selected and then its main dominated cation and anion concentrations were determined. The statistical evaluation and drawing the radial plots for determining the ionic frequency showed that at the three stations the dominated cation and anion concentrations are Na+K> Ca >Mg and CI> SO4>HCO4 respectively. The dominated type and facies of water’s chloro-sodic and the way of dominated facies development is basic one.

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