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Diversity and distribution of tree species in the hills of Chittagong Metropolitan Area, Bangladesh

Md Nezam Uddin, Ohidul Alam, Mohammad Main Uddin, ATM Rafiqul Hoque, Khaled Misbahuzzaman

Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong, Chittagong – 4331, Bangladesh

Key words: Biodiversity; Distribution; Density; Frequency; Important Value Index.


green biodiversity frogChittagong City is surrounded by several hills which were abundant with biodiversity but continuously destroying now due to high population pressure and development. To explore current status of species diversity and distribution, we conducted this study from November, 2013 to October, 2014 in Chittagong Metropolitan Area (CMA). Wherein 780 trees belong to 65 species were recorded from 45 random sample plots amidst 9 selected hills. We took 5 plots (10 m×10 m) from each hill and 28 families were recorded whereto the Mimosaceae family is dominated with 12 species. The highest average number of tree individual was detected 3700 ha-1, which occurred in the Finley Hill. Contrary, the lowest average number of tree individual was 500 ha-1 in the Ispahani Hill. Likewise, the highest average Basal Area (BA) was 467.59 cm2 ha-1 in Probortok Hill wherein Swietenia macrophylla is the dominant species. Contrary, the lowest average BA was 289.53 cm2 ha-1 in Batali Hill whereas Acacia auriculiformis is the dominant species. The highest average Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) of the trees was identified 24.4 cm in Probortok Hill and the lowest DBH was 17.3 cm in Dhampara Hill. The highest average height of the trees was16.85 m in Jilapi Hill and the lowest average height of the trees was 12.30 m in Chittagong Railway (CRW) Hill. Amid all the studied species the largest Important Value Index (IVI), Relative Frequency (RF), Relative Density (RD), and Relative Dominance (RDo) were found in Acacia auriculifurmis viz. 67.44%, 4.30%, 33.94%, and 29.20% subsequently.

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