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Dorcatherium from the dhok bun ameer khatoon, chinji formation, lower siwalik hills of Pakistan

Khizar Samiullah, Farhat Jabeen, Riffat Yasin, Sajid Yaqub, Fatima Jalal, Shehzad Ahmad, Bilal Rasool, Khurram Feroz and Muhammad Akhtar

Department of Zoology, GC, University, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Zoology Department, New Campus, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

Key words: Dorcatherium, Dhok Bun Ameer Khatoon, Chinji, Lower Siwaliks.


Cgq9A6wWMAMiufqSeveral new fossil specimens of Dorcatherium have been found and described from the Chinji Formation near Dhok Bun Ameer Khatoon (DBAK). The material comprises upper and lower dentitions and presents the data which is new, also it provide us further information about the distribution of two species Dorcatherium majus and Dorcatherium minus from the Lower Siwalik locality. The fossil site has been dated to approximately 14.2 Ma – 9.5 Ma and coincides with the divergence of different mammalian genera. It has well-exposed Chinji and Nagri formations. The genera recovered from this site are mostly the same as in the overlying younger Dhok Pathan Formation of the Siwaliks. Size differences between these and previously described specimens are potentially important for our understanding of intraspecific variation in mammalian lineages. This paper therefore describes the newly recovered specimens, assigns them to species level, and then goes on to examine size differences between these and the type material.


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