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Effect of different levels of probio-enzyme on head, brain, lung, testes, kidney, crop, proventriculus and pancreas characteristics of broilers

Mehdi Mousapoor, Alireza Seidavi, Mehran Nosrati

Department of Animal Science, Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran

Key words: Probiotics, enzyme, gastrointestinal organ, broiler chicks.


broiler-chicks-500x500An experiment was conducted in order to investigate the impact of different levels of Probio-enzyme on some organ characteristics of broilers based on a completely randomized design as the factorial of 2×4 arrangement. Experiment included 8 treatment and also a control treatment including 270 broiler chickens. Experiment included 4 level of probio-enzyme amount (250, 500, 750, and 1000 g/ton) and also 2 usage duration (14, and 42 day). From obtained results, it is showed that usage duration of probio-enzyme had not significant effect on weight of pancreas (P>0.05), although usage duration of probio-enzyme as long as 42 days had the highest pancreas weight numerically (5.117 g). Probio-enzyme amount also had not significant on pancreas weight (P>0.05), however 1000 g/ton probio-enzyme resulted to the highest pancreas weight numerically (5.487 g). Meanwhile statistical differences between nine studied treatments for weight of pancreas were significant (P≤0.05). Amount of weight of pancreas in nine studied treatments were between 4.233-7.013 g. Among studied treatments, the highest level of pancreas weight belonged to treatment 3 (usage duration as long as 14 days, and probio-enzyme level as amount as 750 g/ton), and treatment 9 (usage duration as long as 42 days, and probio-enzyme level as amount as 1000 g/ton) remained at lower level than other treatments. Other treatments were between these treatments.

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