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Effect of egg weight of broiler breeder on egg characteristics and hatchery performance

Hasan Gahri, Gader Najafi, Farzam Deldar

Department of Clinical Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, Orumieh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Orumieh, Iran

Veterinary Student, College of Veterinary Medicine, Orumieh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Orumieh, Iran

Key words: Egg weight, hatching egg characteristics, hatchability.


The objective of this study was to determine the effects of egg weight on hatching egg characteristics, fertility and hatchability using a commercial Ross-308 broilers breeder. Three egg weight categories were selected for this trial based on the average egg weight determined from a sample of 100eggs. The egg weight categories were: small 52.62-55.65g, average 57.15-60.15g, and large 61.65-64.65g, average 57.15-60.15g, and large 61.65-64.65g. All eggs were individually weighed.. All eggs deemed to be non-viable were broken open to assess fertility and if fertile approximate day of embryonic mortality. On day 18 eggs were transferred to a 12960 egg capacity Games way Hatcher. At 487.5 hours of incubation, eggs were monitored every 5 hours to determine time of hatching. At 21.5 day of incubation, all chicks were removed from the Hatcher. Any non-hatched remaining were broken open to determined approximate day of embryonic morality, all data were analyzed using the General Linear Models procedure of SAS. Any percentage data were transformed prior to analysis using Arch-Sine transformations. Probability was assessed at p<0.05. Heavy eggs had a greater proportion of albumen than small and average eggs. Small eggs had a greater proportion of wet yolk than H eggs, but small eggs did not differ from average eggs in the proportions of wet yolk. No differences were found in egg ship index, fertility and hatchability between egg sixes. The percentage of egg weight loss at transfer decreased as egg size increased. Embryonic morality increased as egg weight increased.

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