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Effect of nutrient amendments on the growth of garden egg (solanum melongena) in crude oil polluted wetland, Egbema, rivers state

C. C. Ike, V. O. Nwaugo, C.O. Nweke, C. C. Anochie

Department of Biological Sciences, Novena University, P.M.B. 02 Kwale, Ogume. Delta State. Nigeria

Department of Environmental Resources Management, Abia State University, P.M.B. 2000, Uturu. Nigeria

Department of Microbiology, Federal University of Technology, P.M.B 1526, Owerri. Imo State, Nigeria

Key words: Crude oil, Impact, Wetland, Nutrient supplement.


Solanum-Melongena-Seeds-For-Planting-600pcs-Quality-And-High-Yield-Typical-Vegetable-Seeds-Commonly-Known-GuineaThe study investigated the effect of different nutrient amendments on the growth of garden egg (Solanum melongena) in crude oil polluted Orashi River wetland, in Egbema, Rivers State, Nigeria. The treatment of the wetland with different weights of organic and inorganic fertilizer took place on site and effects of remediation on plant growth parameters were monitored. Test plants (Solanum melongena) were planted, monitored and measurements taken at fortnightly intervals for twelve weeks. The plant growth parameters in the wetland were affected by heavy impaction with crude oil in both seasons, while that of lightly impaction encouraged plant growth performance. Poultry waste, amongst other amendment agents was the best nutrient supplement for remediating heavily crude oil polluted wetlands with plant growth parameters (plant height and leaf numbers) 50 ±0.09cm/ 36 ±0.04 and 31 ±0.89cm/ 23 ±0.05 in the rainy seasons for lightly and heavily polluted wetlands respectively, (which are 1.67/ 1.64 and 1.03/1.05 better than growth performance in the control (unpolluted wetland). This nutrient amendment is weight dependent as the least quantity receives the most shock. This study has shown that adverse effects caused by heavily crude oil impaction on plant growth performance could be remedied by the addition of appreciable quantity of organic nutrient supplements like poultry waste to boost plant growth performance through improved soil quality/ fertility.

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