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Effect of pesticide stress on seed priming and germination traits of Nigella sativa under laboratory conditions

Khan Uzma Aftab, Albandari Mohammed Alshammari

College of Applied Medical science, Department of Clinical laboratory, University of Ha’il. Ha’il, Saudi Arabia

Key words: Malathion, ROS (reactive oxygen species), stress germination percentage, seedling, seed viability index.


495Laboratory experiments were completely randomized was conducted at Seed of N. sativa to study the effect of malathion pesticide in University of Hail 2013. To create pesticide stress 0.02 0.04 0.06 and 0.08 μM of 58% of malathion concentration prepared in double distill water with no stress serve as control. Time period of the experiment was 10 days from the sowing of seeds under various conc. of pesticide. Stress resulted in the loss of seedling length, 21,18,and 10mm on comparing with control 25mm. Germination percentage (62 ,42,and 16%, control 94% ) and seed viability index (6.5, 7.56, and 1.6 control 23.50) respectively, concentration of 0.08 μM proved to be lethal for all the growth parameters as seeds became dead. It can be concluded that pesticide stress significantly decreased germination and growth parameters of seedlings of medicinal plant Nigella sativa.


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