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Effect of soil acidity on some soybean varieties

Diana Sofia Hanafiah, Alida Lubis, Asmarlaili

Faculty of Agriculture, University of North Sumatra, Indonesia

Key words: Adaptation mechanisms, Soil acidity, Soybean.


soybean-field-471229778-thinkstockThis study aims to determine the mechanism of adaptation and morphophysiology character of soybean genotypes to soil acidity levels. Research using randomized block design with four replications, the first factor consists of soybean varieties: Tanggamus varieties, Detam 2, Anjasmoro and Detam 1, while the second factor is the media’s treatment consisted of medium acid soils and limed soil. The results showed that the low level acidity of planting medium will affect the growth and development of plants. There are different mechanisms of adaptation to acidity on soybean varieties. Avoidance mechanism is indicated by an increase in pH around the roots on Tanggamus varieties, Detam2, Anjasmoro and Detam1. Tolerant mechanism is indicated by the maturation age and high production on Tanggamus varieties.

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