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Evaluation and detailing of taxonomic and historical perspectives on genus Berberis from Pakistan

Tika Khan, Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Abdul Rehman

Integrated Mountain Area Research Centre, Karakoram International University, Pakistan

Department of Biological Sciences, Karakoram International University, Pakistan

Key words: Berberis, taxonomic Review, Historical Review, Pakistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Karakoram, Himalaya.


180_Berberis_vulgaris_600This review, besides detailed taxonomic description of genus, presents a chronology of each 29 Berberis species reported from CKNP, Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan. Furthermore, review revealed that the actual number of Berberis species reported from any area of Pakistan might be less than the stated one. There are thirteen (n=13) species and subspecies reported from CKNP and fourteen (n=14) from entire Gilgit-Baltistan province, however, morphological relatedness analysis of Berberis species from CKNP revealed that there are only two subspecies of a single species i.e. B. pseudumbellata. However, these confusions, to a greater extent inherited across most of the Berberis species because of morphological changes over age, edaphic variations, vulnerable overlapping characters under influence of environment and hybridization. A detailed but inclusively integrated revision of the genus is need of the time. Until then, acute misinterpretations and uncertainty will continue to exist. Historically such revisits have led to revise and address such issues. Similarly, Landrum (1999) recognized only 20 Berberis species out of the sixty (n=60) reported by Ahrendt (1961) from Chile (United States).

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