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Evaluation correlation between seed yield and effective traits and characteristic variations of promising spring canola genotypes under warm and semiarid climate condition in South West of Iran (Ahvaz Region)

Mohammad Khayat

Young Researchers and Elite Club, Ahvaz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran

Key words: Canola, Seed Yield, Semiarid Climate, Correlation.


miriampreis-gunnarshc3b6gsgc3a5rd-canolaflower-839Correlation coefficient analyses help researchers to distinguish significant relationship between traits. Step-wise regression can reduce effect of non-important traits in regression model, in this way traits accounted for considerable variations of dependent variable are determined. In order to determine the most important traits affecting grain yield in Canola a split plot experiment in Randomized Complete Block Design (CRBD) with three replications was conducted. Four planting dates (November 6th and 21st. December 6th and 21st) in main plots and four Genotypes (Hyola401, PP401, RGS003 and Option500) in subplots were studied. The evaluation of correlation coefficients illustrated that the total dry matter, harvest index, 1000- grain weight, the number of grains per pod, number of pods per plant, plant height; days to maturity and flowering period trait have a positive significant correlation with grain yield. In addition, total dry matter, 1000- grain weight, and flowering and maturity period also had a high effect on grain yield. Thus, direct selection for these traits is suggested.


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