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Evaluation of plant diversity in pure and mixed Plantations of Cupressus arizonica – Iran

E.Amirahmadi, M.R. poormajidian, S.M. Hojjati, A. najjari

MSc. Student, Faculty of Natural Resources, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, Iran

Associate Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University, Iran

M.Sc. in Forestry. The Deputy of Natural Resources and Watershed Alborz Province, I. R. Iran

Key words: Biodiversity, Pure and mixed Plantations, Iran.


importance-of-biodiversityThe present study was conducted to investigate the effect of tree mixture on plant biodiversity in Cupressus arizonica plantations. Plantations are primarily established in order to achieve economic objectives, such as the profitable income derived from the timber production and from other wood products. today, attention to the other services. These services include biodiversity maintenance and natural regeneration. Biodiversity has been shown to play a key role at all levels of the ecosystem service hierarchy. Up to now, few studies about the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning have been done in the mixed and pure plantation and the influence of biodiversity on stability and ecosystem functioning remains less clear. Therefore, in this study, plant biodiversity evaluated in mixed and pure stands to be determined mixture what type of effect on plant biodiversity. The study site was Khargosh Valley Forest Park, located In the vicinity of the metropolis of Tehran province in the Iran country. To analyze the data, the average percentage of coverage gramineous and in this study, the biodiversity, richness and evenness were calculated. The results of this study showed that the abundance and diversity of gramineous species in the understory of mixed plantations of Cupressus arizonica with deciduous hardwood tree were greater than other stands. According to the results obtained from this research, recommended for the establishment of conifer plantation, used mixed cultures of conifers with broadleaf instead of pure cultures conifers.

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