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Evaluation of some biochemical parameters of serum and intestinal histopathology in broilers feeding with seed pellet and mash

Amin Maghsoodi, Reza Esmaieli Torkanpouri

Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran

Key words: Pellet feed, mash feed, intestine histopathology, alkaline phosphatase, total serum protein.


DSC_0090-1024x680Improving production parameters in broiler poultry industry is the most important objectives. The most important strategies to achieve better performance, is improving formulations and physical form of feed (pellets, Mash). In this study, 10 broiler farms that were fed with pellet and mash feed selected. Vaccination programs, the condition and quality of day old chickens were similar in those farms. According to the nutritional needs of broiler chickens at various ages formulated feed was prepared and then in 5 farms mash and in another 5 farms pellet feed was used. Losses at the farm, located about autopsy and histopathology slides were taken from the intestine. Also at the end of rearing period, blood samples were taken from 15 chickens in each farm and total protein and alkaline phosphatase were monitored. The results showed that serum alkaline phosphatase levels in pellet group were increased significantly in comparison to mash group (p <0.05), but the total serum protein was not different between groups. In histopathological evaluation it was revealed that hyperemia, hemorrhage and edema was not seen in mash group, But in pellet fed group edema and necrosis along with heterophil accumulation and coagulative necrosis was seen and also there was slump of mucus layer into lumen.


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