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First record of Euphorbia golondrina L. C. Wheeler (Euphorbiaceae) in Cameroon

Lawrence Monah Ndam, Afui Mathias Mih, Ausgustina Genla Nwana Fongod, Aaron Suh Tening, Nkegua Anna Temenu, Yoshiharu Fujii

Department of Botany and Plant Physiology, University of Buea, P.O Box 63 Fako, South West Region, Cameroon

Department of Chemistry, University of Buea, P.O Box 63 Fako, South West Region, Cameroon

ABA Home Health Care Inc., 821 Kennedy Street NW, Washington DC.20011, USA

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, International Environmental and Agricultural Sciences. Fuchu Campus, Saiwai-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-8509, Japan

Key words: Euphorbia golondrina,Invasive weed, Mount Bambouto,Wabane,Cameroon.


Agriculture on Mount BamboutosNew record of Euphorbia golondrina L.C. Wheeler, a species previously recorded as endemic for Mexico and the United States of America during the late 1930s and subsequently considered extirpated is presented for Cameroon and Africa. The present record obtained from a phytodiversity inventory carried out in Wabane sub division of the mount Bambouto Caldera and other sites in Cameroon, extends the distribution of E. golondrina to the southwest region of Cameroon and adds new marginal occurrence sites for this species. This study presents taxonomic comments, distribution maps and pictures of the species. The affinities of this species are discussed and its position within Chamaesyce’s subgenus of the genus Euphorbia is indicated. The current status of the species in Cameroon is elucidated, and recommendations for its conservation are offered.

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