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First report of lasiodiplodia theobromae causing shoot blight of ricinodendron heudelotii seedlings in Cameroon – IJAAR

Joseph Fovo Djeugap, Louis Bernier , Daniel Dostaler, Gabin Régis Dongmo Zena

Laboratory of Plant Pathology, Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Science, University of Dschang, Cameroon

Laboratory of Forest Pathology, Department of Wood and Forest Sciences, Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatic, Laval University, Quebec, Canada

Department of Phytology, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science, Laval University, Quebec, Canada

Key words: Lasiodiplodia theobromae, Shoot blight, Ricinodendron heudelotii, Cameroon.


The aim of this study was to identify the pathogen responsible to shoot blight, a new disease observed on Ricinodendron heudelotii seedlings in Cameroon. Isolation of the fungus from infected tissues was made on potato dextrose agar (PDA) milieu. After identification based on morphological characteristics (myceliumstructure and conidia sizes), DNA was extracted and submitted to molecular analysis. The sequences obtainedfrom rDNA were identified as Lasiodiplodia theobromae. Inoculums were then prepared and Koch´s postulate was verified both on detached leaves and seedlings by inoculating healthy detached leaves and seedlings with 5 mm diameter mycelia plugs and a solution of 106 conidial/ml respectively. Shoot blight symptoms were observed both on detached leaves and on seedlings. This was the first report of L. theobromae causing shoot blight on R. heudelotii seedlings.

Get the original articles in Source: Archive for | IJAAR |- January, 2016

Journal Name: International Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Research (IJAAR)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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