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Identification of Trichoderma species in South Khorasan Province, Eastern Desert Region of Iran

Yadegar Amini, Abbas Mohammadi, Dostmorad Zafari

Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran

Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bu Ali Sina, Hamadan, Iran

Key words: Hypocrea, Longibrachiatum, Brevicompactum, Virens, Harzianum.


Nereis_virensIn this study, a total of 99 isolates of Trichoderma species were isolated from soil and living and rotting plant tissues from Birjand, Qaen, Khusf, Sarbisheh, and Sarayan regions in South Khorasan Province during 2012- 2014. On the basis of growth rates on different media, macroscopic and microscopic characteristics such as shapes and sizes of conidias, conidiophores, phialides, chlamydospores, and aerial hyphae, Trichoderma isolates were classified. ITS regions of 17 isolates were amplified and sequenced using ITS1 and ITS4 primers. Based on morphological characteristics and sequences of ITS regions, the study isolates were classified into four species of T. harzianum from the Trichoderma section, T. longibrachiatum from the Longibrachiatum section, and T. virens and T. brevicompactum from the Pachybasium section. Trichoderma, Longibrachiatum, and Pachybasium sections appropriated 74, 3, and 22 isolates, respectively and T. harzianum was the most common in all of the habitats. The results showed that the number and frequency of the isolates belonged to T. harzianum, T. virens, T. brevicompactum, and T. longibrachiatum species respectively in South Khorasan Province.

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