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Impact of attaabad landslide induce lake on livelihood of upstream population of upper Hunza, District Hunza-Nagar

Karamat Ali, Farida Begum, Qamar Abbas, Rehmat Karim, Shaukat Ali, Haibat Ali, Muhammad Akbar, Salar Ali, Sultan Ishaq

Department of Environmental Sciences, Karakoram International University, Gilgit, Pakistan

Department of Biological Sciences, Karakoram International University, Gilgit, Pakistan

Key words: Landslide, Lake, livelihood, Karakoram Highway.


Lake-TahoePakistan is located at the cross-roads of plate boundaries, experiencing multiple hazards of earthquake, flood, glacier lake outburst flooding, drought, salinization, water-logging and recurrent landslides. This paper attempts to examine the impact of 2010 Attaabad landslide on livelihood of upper stream population of upper Hunza, Pakistan. A total 128 questionnaires were filled in from the disaster affected victims. However, secondary data were obtained from the Geological survey of Pakistan, National disaster management authority and Focus Humanitarian Assistance for Pakistan. The upstream population of upper Hunza lost their major source of income from potato which is due to landslide induced lake and lake water inundated into agricultural land and submerged Karakoram highway. On other side the export and import of agricultural products, fruits and access to basic needs of life such as health care, electricity and education of students and children severely affected. The study findings revealed that the high uncertainty about their future, because of unintended creation of Attaabad Lake. The roadblock has limited the accessibility of these food supplies and inflated prices beyond what most people can afford. This has inflicted terrible damages to human lives, standing crops, housing, infrastructure and other properties. The landslide induced lake teaches important lessons about hazard assessment, disaster management and most importantly, public communication during crises.


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