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Impact of waste water of a pulp and paper industry on surrounding environment – JBES

Fariah Khalid, Saamia Saif, Almas Hamid

Department of Environmental Sciences, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, Pakistan

Environmental Consultancies and Options (ECO), Cavalry Ground, Lahore, Pakistan

Key words: NDWQS , Pulp and paper ,Water quality parameters, Wastewater


To fulfill the demands of ever increasing population it becomes essential to escalate the industrial development in our country.Pulp and paper industry is considered to be one of the most polluting industries. This industry not only produces paper but also generates a large amount of waste.This study was conducted to assess and analyze the water quality and waste water of Pulp and Paper industry and to determine the impact on nearby environment. Different techniques were used to analyze the parameters of water quality and waste water. The entire mill was surveyed to understand and observe its operations and theraw material used in it.Regular visits were planned in order to gather the required data .Sampling was done manually according to the method described by APHA (USA) standard method for analysis of water and waste water. Twenty-nine parameterswere selected to check the water quality. All drinking water quality parameters, except TDS, pH and Chlorine, from nearby environment complied with National Drinking Water Quality Standards. TDS values were 1050 mg/l, 1126 mg/l, 1135mg/l, pH values were 8.14, 8.9, 8.6 and Chlorine values were 0.6mg/l, 0.9mg/l, and 0.6mg/l. To analyze wastewater quality of industry thirty-one parameterswere selected. All the analyzed parameters except BOD, COD and Phenols were in compliance with NEQS. For the three wastewater sampling points, BOD values were 88mg/l, 86mg/l,and 90mg/l while COD were 251mg/l, 245mg/l, 268mg/l and Phenols were 0.201mg/l,0.212mg/l, and 0.217mg/l. It is concluded from the study that most of the parameters of drinking water and waste water are wellwithin limit set by NEQS which shows the efficiency of filtration and effluent treatment plant.

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Journal Name: Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES)

Published By: International Network for Natural Sciences

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