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Investigation of collection and disposal of solid waste on Islamic Azad University of Roudehen Branch

Mina Mackialeagha, Maryam Farahani

Environment Department, Islamic Azad University of Roudehen Branch, Roudehen, Iran

Key words: solid waste, Collection, disposal, Recycle, Management, University solid waste.


management-stylesCollection and disposal of solid waste is considered serious environmental problem in modern society. The Coordination of knowledge and experience through proper management framework are necessary to resolve this problem. The objective of this study was to evaluate the composition and characteristics of the generated university solid waste in order to obtain information about the quantity of recoverable solid waste at Azad University of Roudehen Branch. Solid waste sampling and laboratory analysis were carried out according to the random sampling method .The sampling plan was according to random truck sampling which was determined by considering the available facilities and background information of the site location. The first step in waste characterization was to obtain the detail information about the percentage of each individual component in the waste stream. So, separation and measurement of waste were carried out in any place in the autumn, winter and spring. Then, the results were analyzed using SPSS software. The results showed; the daily production rate of the University’s solid waste was 50.33 kg. The educational buildings were the most responsible for producing the waste stream of the campus by 58.2 %. The dining rooms and kitchen were the next of ranking by 28.2% and 10.2%, respectively. Also, the laboratories and the other building were with 2%. The main compositions of the daily generated waste were 62.55% paper, 17.9% plastic, and 5% metal and 14.4 other. Sum up, the maximum of the waste of the university is related to paper which is recyclable with economic value.

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