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Iron oxides forms quantification in relation with soil genesis in soil parent materials

Ayaz Mehmood, Mohammad Saleem Akhtar, Muhammad Imran, Shah Rukh

PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Key words: Iron oxides, Crystalline, Amorphous, Parent material, Soil genesis.


pssfarmuplandpit2shallowSoil of iron oxides forms are important parameters for the proper understanding of soil genesis. Triplicate soil profiles were selected at three different development stages in each of loess, alluvium, shale residuum, and sandstone residuum. It hypothesized that iron oxides forms differed with soil parent material, soil genesis causes redistribution of iron oxides phases in profile within a parent material. The objectives of this study were to quantify various Fe oxide forms in selected parent materials and their relationship with soil genesis within a parent material. Beside, basic analysis, each soil sample was characterized for free iron oxides, amorphous and crystalline iron oxides. The shale derived soils had higher dithionite extractable as well as crystalline iron oxides followed by alluvium, loess and sandstone derived soils. The study concludes that the iron oxides forms vary with the soil parent material and soil genesis results in an increase in crystalline iron oxides with soil development.

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