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Jouibar seaport tourism potentials and marketing: developing a strategy through SWOT model

Hamid Bakhshi, Ahmad Sahraei

Geography and urban planning, Jouibar mayor

Geography and urban planning, expert in GIS center of Jouibar town hall

Key words: Tourism, Coastal tourism, Strategy development, Jouibar seaport.


beachJouibar Seaport, despite having coastal tourist attractions, could not be adequately successful in attracting tourists and developing the tourist industry. Because of the overlap of various aspects of natural and humanistic-economic life, research in the field of tourism applies a descriptive-analytic research methodology to better identify the various elements, behaviors and functions of this system and its interaction with the outside environment. However, since planning in the field of tourism requires long-term holistic thinking, it is necessary to follow the methodological principles of strategic planning tomonitor the process. Therefore, the following methodologies have been applied to the research. Broad-thinking approach or library research method were used to feed the purposes of this project, and a library review was conducted on different types of statistics, statistical data and censuses, and on approved province developmental reports and documents. Deep-thinking approach or field research method was also used; in this approach, field observations and status evaluations and tourism analysis are done through close observation of the area and its attractions and recording its status and main features. The results indicate that the coastal areas are about to be improved and constructed. Therefore, the main strategy must be conservative to maintain the conditions and also a bit offensive to show that the area must be prepared to use the environmental opportunities besides conserving its strengths and accomplishments. Thus, growth and construction strategies will be considered after conservation and preservation strategies.


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