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Local wisdom Mane’e and its impact on fish resources and environment in Nanusa Islands, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Emil Reppie

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, Sam Ratulangi University Manado, Indonesia

Key words: Mane’e, Eha’, Nanusa Islands, local wisdom, coral fisheries management.


Mane’e is one of the local wisdoms in coral reef fisheries management that is still conducted in Nanusa Islands, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Mane’e means a statement of agreement of local community to perform an activity together and rituals to prepare fishing equipment and carry out fishing operations together on the basis of cooperation, solidarity and unity. But mane’e itself is actually a series end of a customary law process called Eha, which means as a warning not to do or a ban for all public to take natural resources during certain time. Fishing gear is very traditional, made of forest rope (creeping plant), then joined in a row to around 3-4 km long and wrapped with young coconut leaves. The gear is set circle to a reef flat as location of mane’e in the morning at high tides. Both ends of the rope are pulled toward the coast so the fish could be trapped in the middle of the lagoon at the lowest tide. Mane’e ceremony is conducted at nine sites and each has its own name. Ranne site on Intata Island has been established by the regency government as a tourism icon mane’e festival and open to the public. Mane’e through Eha system’ actually has a positive impact on compliance with local communities. But the intervention of outsiders has give negative impact in the form of changes in beliefs and social structure, fishery resources damage and the environment deteriorations.

Get the original articles in Source: Volume 6, Number 6, June 2015 – JBES

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