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Mycoflora of maize seeds from Novi Pazar

K.Tanova, S. Raikov, P. Momchylova, Z. Marinova

Department of Agricultural sciences and Plant Protection, Konstantin Preslavsky University, Shumen, Bulgaria

Department of Plant Protection, Agricultural Institute, Shumen, Bulgaria

Key words: Maize, Fungi, Microflora, Seeds.


Maize_Field_Corn_550x250Field and/or storage fungi may cause severe corn production losses. Laboratory experiments were set for fungal infection assessment of four maize hybrids: SY Оndina, Dekalb 370, Kneja 509 and ЕS Safari. Most present field (soil – borne) fungi found were from the genera Alternaria, Mucor, Penicillium and Fusarium. Plumules were most infected in Kneja 509 (50%) and least in SY Оndina (40%). Subepidermal, the seeds were infected with Fusarium, Alternaria, Mucor, Penicillium, Helminthosporum, Aspergillus, Pythium, Rizocontia and Trichoderma. The average seed contamination was highest in ES Safary (57%) and lowest in Dekalb 370 (16%). The genus Trichoderma was found only in SY Оndina (19%) and the hybrid Dekalb 370 (1%).


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