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Nitrogen fertilizer and EDTA effect on Cannabis sativa growth and Phytoextraction of heavy metals (Cu and Zn) contaminated soil

Fazal Hadi, Sana Ullah, Fazal Hussain, Ayaz Ahmad, Amin Ullah Jan, Nasir Ali

Department of Biotechnology, University of Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Department of Botany, University of Malakand, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Key words: Phytoextraction, Urea, EDTA, Heavy metals, Cannabis sativa.


Cannabis-sativa-sat-1Heavy metals in soil, water and air is a great concern. Toxic heavy metals ultimately affect plant, Animals, and through food chain directly influence human life. In present study, the effect of heavy metals (Cu, Zn), Nfertilizers and EDTA on growth and biomass of cannibus sativa plant was evaluated. The Cu and Zn phytoextraction potential of Cannabis sativa plant under various treatments of N-fertilizers and EDTA were investigated. Metals (Cu, Zn) significantly reduced the plant growth and biomass while the fertilizer application increased the plant growth and biomass under metals stress. The application of EDTA alone increased the metals (Cu, Zn) accumulation in root, stem and leaves but reduced the plant height, root length and biomass. The maximum accumulation of Cu in root (75 μg/g DW), stem (55 μg/g DW) and in leaves (45 μg/g DW) was found with EDTA treatment (T3). Maximum Zn concentration in Leaves (155 μg/g DW) and root (148 μg/g DW) was observed in plants treated with EDTA. Conclusively, metals contaminated soil considerably reduced plant growth and biomass while metals in combination with N-Fertilizer the plant growth and biomass was enhanced. Addition of EDTA significantly enhanced phytoaccumulation of metals (Zn, Cu).

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