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Opportunities and potential integration of irrigation and aquaculture in morocco

Aba Mustapha, Belghyti Driss, ,Berday Nadia, Natify wydad

Biology and Health Laboratory, Environmental and Parasitology Team/UFR doctoral “Parasitology compared: Medical and Veterinary Applications,” Sciences Faculty, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco

Agronomic and Veterinary Institute, Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco

Key words: Aquaculture, Irrigation, Fish, Morocco, Potentialities.


A key challenge facing agriculture in the 21st century is how to feed a world with a continuously growing and increasingly affluent population with greater meat demand. Sustainability of food production increasingly require the use of sound and efficient practices in the use of water, in particular the development and management of irrigation. Food security is a high priority in the world; Agriculture must not only feed populations growing membership, but also save water for other purposes. Water will become the main limiting factor for much of the planet over the next century. This resource will be more critical in areas under water stress such as Morocco. Aquatic resources are limited’s, the search for new marins fish sources is constant. In Morocco, irrigation systems cover very large areas and permanent increase. However, the ability to use water for irrigation ponds as fish stocks has never been used for fish production. The challenge is to develop and apply techniques and methods of water management by integrating aquaculture with irrigation. Faced with the growing problem of mobilizing the “water” resource, Many studies are conducted to determine ways to make water savings by optimizing the use or the development of new sources of supply. In this context, reuse of aquaculture waters can be considered one of the solutions for new sources of irrigation water. This technique will help increase the efficiency and productivity of water use by plants on discarding fish which will enable improved agricultural productivity without resorting to the use of fertilizers.

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