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Organochlorine pesticide residues analysis of postharvest cereal grains in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

J.S. Anzene, R.L. Tyohemba, U.J. Ahile, K.S.A. Emezi

Directorate of Advancement and Linkages, Nasarawa State Polytecnic Lafia, Nigeria

Chemistry Department, Benue State University Makurdi, Nigeria

Department of Science Laboratory Technology, Nasarawa State Polytecnic Lafia, Nigeria

Key words: Pesticide residues, Cereals, Postharvest, Grains, Analysis.


pesticidesThe study investigated the levels of organochlorine pesticide (OCPs) residues in post harvest grains in Nasarawa State-Nigeria. Millet, guinea corn and maize grains were collected from major markets in the study area, prepared and analyzed for organochlorine pesticides using gas chromatography. The result indicated the presence of varying amounts of ten (10) organochlorine pesticide residues in all the samples. The amounts of total OCPs in the grains were in the order maize (2. 295 mg/kg)>guinea corn (1.885 mg/kg)>millet (1.558 mg/kg). However, only Lindane and Aldrin residues were above the maximum residue limits (MRLs) set by WHO/FAO for cereals hence the need for continuous monitoring and regulation of these pesticides is recommended.

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