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Amenorrhea-The absence of a women’s period

Amenorrhea Overview Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding and may be primary or secondary. Primary amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding and secondary sexual characteristics (for example, breast development and pubic hair) in a girl by age 14 years or the absence of menstrual bleeding with normal development of secondary sexual characteristics in […]

Breast cancer- A major concern for women

Cancer is a generic term for a large group of diseases that can affect any part of the body. Other terms used are malignant tumours and neoplasms. One defining feature of cancer is the rapid creation of abnormal cells that grow beyond their usual boundaries, and which can then invade adjoining parts of the body […]

About Hydroponics system

About Hydroponics system Space Settlement relevance Since space is at a premium in space settlements, colonists will need to use more efficent agriculture techniques than those used on Earth. Hydroponics provides one approach. Even though hydroponics does not require soil and takes up less space than normal methods, plants grown hydroponically are often larger and […]

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

STDs: Sexually transmitted infections (STI), also referred to as sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and venereal diseases (VD), are infections that are commonly spread by sex, especially vaginal intercourse, anal sex and oral sex. Most STIs initially do not cause symptoms. This results in a greater risk of passing the disease on to others. Symptoms and […]

Papaya Juice Analysis

Traditionally Used For Acidosis Acne Blood Problems Constipation Heart Disease Improved Digestion Kidneys Liver Tumors Ulcers Weight Loss A Good Source Of Calcium Chlorine Iron Phosphorus Potassium Silicon Sodium Vitamin A Vitamin C Papain Freshness Test Look for deep colored papayas that are orange, gold or yellow. You don’t want mushy papayas and so look […]

রাবি গবেষক দলের সাফল্য

আয়রনের অভাবজনিত কারণে উদ্ভিদের স্বাভাবিক বৃদ্ধি ব্যাহত হয়। ফলে ফলন ভাল হয় না। আয়রনের অভাব থাকা সত্ত্বেও কি কি গুণ বিশিষ্ট উদ্ভিদ স্বাভাবিকভাবে বেড়ে ওঠে এবং ভাল ফলন দিতে পারে তার উপর একটি সফল গবেষণাকর্ম সম্পাদন করেছেন রাজশাহী বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের একদল গবেষক। এজন্য প্রাথমিকভাবে তারা আট জাতের ঢেঁড়শের উপর গবেষণা করেছেন। ঢেঁড়শের উপর এমন গবেষণা এটিই […]

All about Strawberry Juice

Traditionally Used For Acne Constipation Fluid Retention Gout Kidneys Weight Loss A Good Source Of Calcium Iron Phosphorus Potassium Vitamin C Freshness Test It’s best to buy strawberries in season. Important If you have reactions to strawberries while eating them, then consult your doctor, preferably a naturopathic doctor, to see if you can juice strawberries. […]

Food value of Watermelon juice

Traditionally Used For Bladder Problems Constipation Digestive Tonic Kidney Problems Skin Disorders A Good Source of Vitamin A B Complex Vitamin C Freshness Test Put your finger into the bottom of the melon where the vine was attached. You should be able to push slightly inwards and when released, the melon should rebound.  Important Melons […]

The Nutritional Value of Tea

Introduction As a nation we enjoy drinking tea on a daily basis, getting through 165 million cups a day. On-going research is discovering that drinking just 4 cups of tea a day may offer significant health benefits. In addition to tea’s contribution to overall daily fluid intake as well as the presence of powerful antioxidants […]

Coconut Water

Traditionally Used For Cancer Cleanses Digestive Tract Cooling The Body Diabetes Detoxification Electrolyte Drink Immune System Increase Metabolism Kidney Stones Re–hydration A Good Source Of Electrolytes Potassium Freshness Test If you want to drink coconut water, do not buy the coconuts that have a solid brown shell. The solid brown shell indicates the coconut is […]