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Food value of Watermelon juice

Traditionally Used For Bladder Problems Constipation Digestive Tonic Kidney Problems Skin Disorders A Good Source of Vitamin A B Complex Vitamin C Freshness Test Put your finger into the bottom of the melon where the vine was attached. You should be able to push slightly inwards and when released, the melon should rebound.  Important Melons […]

The Nutritional Value of Tea

Introduction As a nation we enjoy drinking tea on a daily basis, getting through 165 million cups a day. On-going research is discovering that drinking just 4 cups of tea a day may offer significant health benefits. In addition to tea’s contribution to overall daily fluid intake as well as the presence of powerful antioxidants […]

Coconut Water

Traditionally Used For Cancer Cleanses Digestive Tract Cooling The Body Diabetes Detoxification Electrolyte Drink Immune System Increase Metabolism Kidney Stones Re–hydration A Good Source Of Electrolytes Potassium Freshness Test If you want to drink coconut water, do not buy the coconuts that have a solid brown shell. The solid brown shell indicates the coconut is […]