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Performance of maize as influenced by population density and organic manure types at Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria

Hamma Idi Lakun, Mahmoud Babawuro Ali, Simon Simeon Yusuf

Samaru College of Agriculture, ABU, Zaria, Nigeria

Federal College of Horticulture, Dadin-kowa, Gombe State, Nigeria

Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Nigeria

Key words: Population density, maize, organic manures, growth and yield.


Maize-FarmingA field trial was conducted to study the performance of maize at different population density and organic manure types during the 2014 cropping season at the Teaching and Research Farm of Samaru College of Agriculture, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria located on latitude 11011’N and longitude 7038’E and about 686m in the Northern Guinea ecological zone. The treatments were laid out in a split plot design with population density of one plant stand-1, two plants stand-1, three plants stand-1 and four plants stand-1 in the main plots; whereas organic manures each at 10 tons ha-1 except the control of no manure, goat manure, cow dung and poultry manure in the sub plots, replicated three times to give a total of 48 plots. Results indicated that one plant stand-1 and poultry manure on maize significantly produced higher means on the parameters assessed, while four plants stand-1 and the control of no manure applied significantly produced lower means on the same parameters assessed.

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