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Reduced doses of total herbicide used together with plant density for weed management in wheat (Triticum durum L.) fields

Sohrab Mohamai Goroee, Saeed Saeedipour

Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture, Shoushtar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shoushtar, Iran

Key words: Plant density, weed, wheat, yield.


wheatReduction in herbicide usage without compromising yields can lead to less environmental harm and lower production costs. We evaluated the effects of both the plant population and reduced doses of sulfosulfuron plus metsulfuron-methyl on the weed infestation and crop performance of wheat. Results experiments revealed that a fairly acceptable level of weed suppression in wheat fields was achieved with lower doses of sulfosulfuron plus metsulfuron-methyl (30 g a.i. ha-1) in combination with plant density of 500 plant m-2 that were comparable to results with its label dose. Increased seeding rate was able to increased grain yield and number spike m-2. However, 1000-grain weight decreased with increasing seeding rate. The results suggested that weeds can be controlled in wheat, for a higher yield, when a reduced herbicide dose is used in combination with increasing seeding rate.

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