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Restoration of soil fertility by using organic and mineral amendments: the case of the urban perimeter of Franceville (Gabon)

Maurice Ognalaga, Pherla Ichida Oyanadigui Odjogui, Alain Ondo Azi, Jacques Ndzoutsi

Agrobiology Research Unit, University of Sciences and Technology, Franceville, Gabon

Key words: A. cruentus, Growth parameters, C. odorata, Cattle manure, Pig manure.


AMACRU_OSUEA study on the response of Amaranthus cruentus seedlings to four amendments was carried out at the urban perimeter of the “Institut Gabonais d’Appui au Dévelopment” in Franceville. The applied doses were 300 kg/ha for NPK, 60 t/ha for green manure Chromolaena odorata and 20; 25; 30 t/ha for both cattle and pig manure. The trial was conducted on a split-splot device with 9 treatments and three replicates for a total of 27 experimental plots. The results are significant (P < 0.05) at 5% level. The values obtained on the plants of A. cruentus grown on plots fertilized with NPK (300 kg/ha), green manure (60 t/ha) and manure from cattle and pig (30 t/ha) on the parameters (diameter and height of stems, leaf area, number of leaves and production) were higher, compared with the control and other treatments respectively at the order of 68%; 73%; 85%; 89% and 96%. The application of these amendments at low doses caused a growth and low development, similar to what was observed on the plants from control plots non- fertilized. The results of this test allowed to propose farmers for the cultivation of A. cruentus, the possibility to choose between the NPK (300 kg/ha), C. odorata (60 t/ha) and manure from cattle or pig (30 t.ha-1).

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