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Screening of freezing tolerance in some dwarf selected mahaleb genotypes

Ebrahim Ganj Moghadam, Esmail Faramarzi, Ahmad Fahadan, Zahra Shabani

Department Horticulture, Khorasan Razavi Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center, Mashhad, Iran

College of Horticultural Department, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

Key words: Freezing tolerance, Ion leakage, Mahaleb, RWC, Soluble sugar.


prunus-mahalebPrunus mahaleb L. is the principal rootstocks used in Iran and world wide for sweet and sour cherries. This study was conducted with the main purpose of evaluation of freezing tolerance in eleven dwarf selected mahaleb (Prunus mahaleb L.) genotypes at Khorasan Razavi Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center (Mashhad, Iran) during 2010- 2011. In two independ experiments, vegetative buds and annual shoots were placed in various temperature treatments (0, -5, -15, -25 and -25 ºC with decreasing rate of 5 ºch-1) and percentage of ion leakage, soluble sugars and relative water content (RWC) in every stages were measured. Results showed that there was a significant difference in ion leakage and soluble sugars but there was not a significant difference in RWC between genotypes. Ion leakage and RWC percentage in buds and annual shoots increased and soluble sugars percentage decreased when the temperature was decreased. Ion leakage and RWC were the highest in ‘DM129’ (bud and shoot), but the ‘DM265’ (bud) and ‘DM139’ (shoot) had the lowest. The ‘DM129’ (bud and shoot) had the lowest and ‘DM265’ (bud) had the highest soluble sugars.

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