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Selenoportax vexillarius from Dhok Pathan, Chakwal District, the Punjab, Pakistan

Khizar Samiullah Riffat Yasin1, Farhat Jabeen, Sajid Yaqub, Khurram Feroz, Saleem Akhter, Omer Draz, Sana Yosouf, Muhammad Akhtar

Department of Zoology, GC University, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Zoology department, Quaid-e-Azam campus, Punjab University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Key words: Selenoportax, Boselaphines, Dhok Pathan, Siwaliks, Pakistan.


suketi-fossil-park-nahanThe fossil material belonging to genus Selenoportax has been described and discussed which was collected from Dhok Pathan, Chakwal district, the Punjab province, Pakistan. The studied material comprises left lower mandibular ramus having p4-m3. The genus Selenoportax basically consists of two species; Selenoportax vexillarius and Selenoportax lydekkeri. Selenoportax is an extinct genus of Boselaphines. Boselaphines have been reported from Middle Miocene and abundantly from the Late Miocene of the Siwaliks. Selenoportax is a moderate to large sized boselaphine. Thorough examination and measurements reveals that studied specimen belongs to species Selenoportax vexillarius. Its fossils have been also reported from the Miocene of Northern and Central Asia.

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