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Study of influence of various drying methods on chlorophyll degradation, decreased color quality and their correlation in the Keluss medicinal plant (Kelussia Odoratissima Mozaff)

Manizheh Mikelani, Mehrdad Jafarpour, Abdolrahman Mohammad-Khani, Ahmmad Reza Golparvar

Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Islamic Azad Islamic University, Isfahan, Iran

Key words: Drying, Keluss, Chlorophyll, Color.


nha-nongThis study was performed with the purpose of studying and comparing various drying methods on physical quality of plant’s color, chlorophyll and their correlation in Keluss medicinal plant employing two different microwave including 150 and 300w, three different oven temperatures including 40°C, 50°C and 60°C and the natural method (Shade and sun).Sample drying in all methods continued until their humidity content reached to 0.1% based on dry weight (or 10% based on wet weight). This research was conducted as a quite experimental fully random project with four replications and 7 treatments. Spectrophotometer was employed for chlorophyll assessments and physical color quality of plants was performed via visual appraisal and correlation was computed using spearman correlation coefficients. Results revealed that there is a significant relation between various dying methods and the assessed traits. The highest and the lowest chlorophyll a and total chlorophyll were those of the shade treatment and 60°C oven. The highest chlorophyll b content (21mg/dry matter) was seen in 40°C oven. The highest ratio of chlorophyll a to b (35.2) was that of the 40°C oven and its least amount was that obtained using sun method and 300w microwave. The highest color quality (4) was that of the shade method for green color which statistically has no significant difference with the sun method and the lowest quality score was relevant to the 60°C oven with score 1. Generally, to obtain the highest color quality and decreased chlorophyll in Keluss plant, using a temperature of 40°C can be recommended.

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