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Taxonomic study of mosquitoes (Culicidae: Diptera) of district Narowal, Punjab-Pakistan

Shoaib Rasool, Mian Inayatullah, Muhammad Akbar, Muhammad Ali, Shaukat Ali, Syed Arif Hussian Rizvi, Sujjad Hyder, Farida Begum, Ghulam Raza, Karamat Ali

Department of Entomology, University of Agriculture, Peshawar-Pakistan

Department of Environmental Sciences Karakoram International University,Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Department of Biological Sciences Karakoram International University, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Key words: Diptera, Culicidae, Taxonomy, Key, District Narowal, Mosquitoes, Fauna.


foto_portadaThe purpose of study was to explore the mosquito fauna of District Narowal of Punjab-Pakistan and to construct identification keys. The selected localities were visited once a week from December 2012 to December 2013. Results showed that the collected specimens belong to 11 species in 4 genera of 2 subfamilies. The species are: Anophelinae: Anopheles nigerrimusGiles, 1900, Anopheles culicifaciesGiles, 1901, Anopheles stephensiListon, 1901,Anopheles jamesiiTheobald, 1901, and Anopheles maculatesTheobald, 1901. Culicine species include genus Culex withCulexepidesmusTheobald, 1910, CulexfatigansWiedemann, 1828,CulextheileriTheobald, 1903 andCulexvishnuiTheobald, 1901; genus Armigeresshowed Armigeres (Armigeres) obturbansWalk, 1860, Aedesshowed only one species Aedes (Aedes) albopictusSkuse, 1894. Descriptions, distribution and illustrated keys for the identification of all the mosquito species found in district Narowal are presented.

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