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Teaching through whole-classroom discussions as an efficient tool for improving mathematical reasoning abilities of students

Golamali Ahmady, Neda Nakhostin-Ruhi

Faculty of Humanities, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran

Key words: Teaching, Whole-class discussion, Mathematical reasoning, Open-ended problems.


$_32Our purpose of conducting this research is to study the impact of promoting whole-class discussions among students on their mathematical reasoning abilities. In this manuscript, we report an experiment within teaching through whole-class discussions by using open-ended problems in classroom provided an efficient tool for improving students’ reasoning abilities. A school was randomly selected among high schools and two classes were randomly selected among grade 8th classes of this school. These classes were assigned into one of two teaching methods: whole-class discussion (the experimental group, 27 students) and traditional instruction (the control group, 30 students). Students in both groups were instructed same topics and learning (materials formal booklet of 8th grade) by the same experienced teacher. Analysis of covariance showed a significant interactive and positive effect of experimental method on improving students reasoning abilities.

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